Tuesday, 12 May 2015

What shall we do about Kevin - Part 158

JUST when you thought it was safe to take a peek at English cricket again we have part 158 of 'What shall we do about Kevin'.

You may remember parts 1 to 157 - the story of a talented but very arrogant batsman who could delight and frustrate in equal measure.

Our story appeared to have ended when Pietersen was sacked for not being a jolly good boy and...this will shock you....he was caught....whistling!

Banished, he sought a new career in foreign climbs where he could whack te ball as far as he liked. But then in part 156 the new king of English cricket proclaimed Kevin should be given a second chance.

And in part 157, our hero smashed 326 not out before his big meeting with Prince Andrew Strauss and Tom Harrison (who ?)

But that is where the tale now ends for Pietersen who was summoned to a meeting to be sacked again! 

Strauss weirdly blamed 'trust issues' like Pietersen had been adulterous or something and in the same breath offered him a role as an advisor?

The new head of English cricket doesn't trust Pietersen enough to play him but is happy for him to talk to cricketers picked for the team, go figure!

Quite simply the ECB, Strauss and Harrison look even bigger fools than already were. Quite an achievement when you consider the faux pas of recent weeks and months!

The bosses of English cricket know the way they disposed of Pietersen was wrong. It's just no one has enough guts to admit it.

So now we have this farce of Pietersen calling their bluff and doing everything asked of him only for the ECB to move the goal posts.

Meanwhile in Australia, 11 very competitive souls are looking on and laughing at English cricket, ready to beat it into oblivion this summer.

This is no longer a fairy story, more a case of a horrible history.