Friday, 21 October 2016

Lineker's no liar, it's the Brexiteers who are lying to themselves.

THE SUN is upset at Gary Lineker and wants him sacked. Why? Because he dared to have an opinion which didn't fit with the post-Brexit view of the world we all MUST subscribe to.

The crisp flogger and Match of the Day presented took to twitter this week to despair at the headlines over the arrival of Syrian refugees to Britain.

The tweet in full: “The treatment by some towards these young refugees is hideously racist and utterly heartless. What's happening to our country?”

Nowhere does he name anyone, nor does he abuse anyone and ends with a question and expresses a fear, something we in a democracy are allowed to do.

He continued when a false claim was made that one particular individual was identified as a translator but fiercely defended himself.

Did he lie? Did he commit a crime, did he assault someone? Did he make a sexual/racist joke live on air in his job? No he expressed his opinion.

But this is what life is like in post Brexit Britain, if you don't get on board the bus heading towards the exit from the European Union you are a 'Bremoaner' 'Unpatriotic', 'whinging Brit' or something more vulgar.

Worried about the calamity which is currently the pound? Don't bother it will all be fine

Want to express your anger over the blatant lies used such as £350million for the NHS, don't because the chief cheerleader of that claim is now Foreign Secretary.

Those who voted to remain have been pushed to one side despite the result being 48 per cent v 52 per cent, a result Nigel Farage said wouldn't be 'conclusive'. Fair to say he doesn't say the same thing now.

Our new un-elected Prime Minister is going all out for an exit, ignoring the will of 48 per cent of people, attempts for Parliamentary scrutiny are attacked while concerns about the economy are simply 'scare-

This is very real and very dangerous moment for our times, while we are obsessing about leaving the European Union and retreating to a weird 2016 version of the British Empire, Russia is flexing its might, a city in the Middle East is being raized to the ground and we have the worst refugee crisis this world has seen.

In this country we have a pound worth very little, an economy which can never get better and keeps getting infections, inequality which is just getting worse and a political system where the Government is not being held to account but just attacked by a populist party of protest.

A media where Nigel Farage is given air-time, where no one questions how Boris Johnson could be make Foreign Secretary despite lying in the EU Referendum.

And heartbreakingly where people who don't look or sound like us are increasingly in fear of life in what used to be Great Britain.

The truth hurts the Brexiteers - not every Johnny Foreigner comes over here for the 'benefits', a huge number come to build a new life.

Think of the nurse from Sierra Leone who treated your mum in hospital, the Polish shop owner who always stocks that beer you like, the Pakistani taxi driver who loves to talk during your journey or that lovely waiter from Italy who was so friendly during your meal out.

Then look at the benefits office in your town, I'd put £350million on betting not all the voices you will hear are foreign.

But hey, that would just be another inconvenient truth wouldn't it?