Friday, 3 May 2013

Farage throws Cameron a ticking time bomb

Well that was fun, an electoral party which saw these purple folks gatecrash and drink all the beer and upset the regular guests.
Yes UKIP came, saw and my word didn't they conquer? Kicking out Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems all over England.
And what did our Prime Minister do? Immediately said you couldn't abused anyone who voted UKIP and he would listen to the message the voters sent.
Great......except David Cameron has spent the past 18 months, erm abusing UKIP and using words such as 'fruitcakes'.
The truth is while UKIP have hived votes off all three parties, they threaten the Tories the most and that is why Mr Cameron has turned on the charm.
Except it maybe too late, UKIP have seized on large amounts of Tory voters who want the policies of Thatcher and Major not the hug a hoodie warmth of Cameron.
It's a powerful weapon, does Cameron move the party to the right and win those votes back but risk conceding election winning centre ground to Labour?
Or does he stand his ground, reform the party and potentially see the Conservatives go through their own Liberal/SDP divorce and see the Conservatives plunged into the electoral wilderness?
The truth is there maybe no right answer, Cameron is facing the firing squad between now and 2015 and Farage is one of those holding a pistol.
Meanwhile over in the red corner, Ed Miliband may have chuckled at the situation while smoothing out more dents in the party's local machine.
No one will pretend it was a great day for Labour, it wasn't. But when you look at the carcrash the party had four years ago getting almost 300 seats back is a boost if not the keys to Downing Street.
But I suspect that's Labour's approach, quietly repair the damage from 2005-2010 while the Tories and UKIP have a fight.
It helps that a lot of seats were in the south, because if he plays it right Ed can really start showcasing this 'One Nation Labour' idea.
And where did Ed spend his day? Hastings! Labour got seats there as well.....
In time we will realise election 2013 was about Labour regaining ground in county councils controlled by the Tories.
Judging on that alone, the party had a very good day! Miliband is showing bravery in spending so much time in Tory areas such as Sussex and Kent.
If the PM was to do the same and offer an EU referendum next summer he himself could be the man with the golden gun, the one who could wound UKIP, perhaps fatally.....
If he ignores UKIP though, he might find the removal men in Downing Street a lot sooner than May 2015.

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