Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Britain is tumbling towards the edge

The row over David Miranda has convinced me to write this blog and confess something, I am geniunely frightened for the future of the UK.
A number of events have taken place in the last few weeks which make me think we as British citizens are heading for disaster.
No I am not talking about immigration, the economy or even politics as such, I am genuinely frightened about the direction of this country.
We have a campaign to get a woman on the £10 note, ignoring the fact there has been one on all banknotes for more than 60 years, she is called HM The Queen.
Not for one second do I condone the morons who targeted the lady who led the campaign – they are sad pathetic little boys with little else to do.
We have a campaign to ban Page 3 and to get lads mags to cover up in supermarkets – to hear supporters of such campaigns talk it makes me think these ladies are tied up and gagged until they agree to pose for such pictures!
'It demeans women' and most shamefully there is a quote at the top of this page nomorepage3.org/about/ which links page three to rape and sexual assault.
Let's make this clear, rapists don't get their kicks off page three then go and rape a woman. Rapists
are cold blooded vile human beings who see no harm in the vile crime they perpetrate.
'The paper is left lying around for children to see' – then if they ask let's go back to a time where adults answer questions about the human body in an age appropriate way.
We don't talk to children about sex and their growing bodies enough, too many then seek to explore with the unwanted consequences of unplanned pregnancy.
'It makes girls think about their bodies' – on this I am with the campaigners, the pressure on teenage girls is vile at times, more needs to be done to encourage young girls to be who they are not what magazines tell them to be.
But is page 3 or Zoo magazine guilty of that? What about Heat, OK, Closer with their celebrity images, should they be blacked out to because they show the 'desired' body of Jennifer Aniston et al.
No, we as a society need to talk, to tell teenage girls that their bodies are just that, theirs and the only
opinion that matters is there own.
And finally, David Miranda being detained for nine hours......for taking stolen classified documents through an airport.
To listen to Glenn Greenwald and the Guardian's reporters you would think Britain had become some police state, that Miranda was beaten and tortured...
Ironic that a newspaper that supported state regulation of the press after Leveson now is complaining about......state regulation of the press!
When you listen to the debate, remember Edward Snowden now lives in Russia having spilled state American and perhaps British secrets to the Chinese and Putin in Moscow.
Snowden should be going down in history as a modern day William Mark Felt Sr (Deep Throat) for exposing a naughty Government programme.
And that dear reader is why I am frightened, all of this going on yet when the elected Prime Minister
of the day asks us to vote whether we want a new Government or not, less than 40 per cent of us take part.
There is a dark side to modern Britain, something I'm not sure I want to see

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