Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Tories aren't just playing on Miliband's pitch, they are playing his game

George Osborne has been warning Tories 'not to play on Miliband's pitch' when it comes to the living standards battle being fought by Labour at the moment.
Yet his comments talking about how the Government 'needs to step in to create the rules of the market' sounds remarkably like Ed Miliband's conference speech.
Remember that? the speech labelled 'marxist', 'left wing' and something which would 'drag Britain back to the 1970s' according to the Prime Minister and his Chancellor.
Since then, the Tories have not only been forced on to the pitch but now are playing Labour's game.
The energy price freeze? A 'con' according to the Tories, but something they now have to find an answer to.
Now they are tackling pay day lenders like Wonga, finally listening to Labour MPs like Stella Creasy.
The masked even slipped from Jeremy Hunt on Question Time last Thursday when he said they were clearing up the mess left by the 'banking crisis' in 2008.
Funny, I thought they were clearing up Labour's mess.....
Miliband is being clever, some of the conference speech may well have been froth and bubble but most of it has resonated.
It's a source of anger to the Tories that people are listening to the opposition again when the economy is improving and people are not focusing on that.
Logically, Labour should be sinking now, a leader who isn't exactly battering Cameron as Blair did Major and with only a small amount of policy on the board with a Shadow Chancellor who will
forever be linked to the last Labour Government.
None of that will change between now and 2015 as Miliband simply cannot swing for the fence as hard as Blair did.
But Cameron is getting increasingly hamstrung by events, I have noticed in recent weeks the Conservative supporting papers are beginning to get very hostile, a reaction to Cameron waiving
through the Royal Charter on press regulation?
His appointment of Lynton Crosby could prove to be a mistake, the British people want a sense of fair play in their politics, if the Government get dirty then many may vote Labour in protest.
And the UKIP factor - I have previously called them the UK's Tea Party and the 'Farage Factor' is clear. Cameron is cutting the green 'crap' out of his Conservative Party and talking a lot about immigration and the EU, to tempt UKIP voters back.
Has the boat sailed though? I suspect for many 'older' Tory voters it has, many will vote for UKIP quite simply because its the Conservative Party they knew in the 80s.
And should Cameron waive through HS2, the line will go through the fields and back gardens of his core home counties vote, enough for many to vote UKIP I suspect.
Hope? Hell yes, despite Nick Harvey suggesting 2015 is already decided, Cameron could yet pull off victory if the economy gets better, inflation comes down and more money is in our pockets.
However he needs party unity, a warmer press than he is getting at the moment and to get off Miliband's pitch.
The Autumn Statement is a good chance to unveil a whole new ball game for Labour to match.....

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