Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Where's the remorse Oscar?

SO there you have it, a five year sentence for taking the life of his girlfriend in his own St Valentine's Day massacre.

But despite the media reports, it's not five years in jail ahead of Oscar Pistorius, it's probably 10-16 months in the clink and the rest under house arrest.

Is that all Reeva Steenkamp was worth? A beautiful, vibrant, charming young woman who was ruthlessly gunned down and never stood a chance at the hands of this borderline psychopath.

Yet all we hear is how how Oscar Pistorius has 'lost everything' and the frankly awful interview with his brother and sister last night which almost painted Oscar as the victim.

Let's spell it out very clear here, on the night of Reeva's death, Pistorius heard a noise, picked up his gun and stood and fired.

No calling out, no threats that he had a gun and wasn't afraid to use it, no chance for Reeva Steenkamp to identify herself.

Instead her life was taken in a volley of bullets and in a moment lives were changed forever.

Barry Steenkamp will never walk his daughter down the aisle, June Steenkamp has brought her daughter into the world and then buried her, a task no parent should ever face.

They have lost more than Pistorius ever 'lost' and it's to them our sympathies should be directed.

Pistorius has lost his commercial deals, the adoration of both a nation and a sporting world which marvelled 
at his efforts especially at London 2012.

He was a poster boy for many, and for many years was the torch bearer for the disabled to stick two fingers up to their impairment and live their lives fully.

Deep down I think Pistorius loved Reeva Steenkamp, but in court he presented mixed messages, tears and vomit when details of Steenkamp's demise were spoken of yet almost defiance and a projection of sympathy when he wasn't in the dock.

A lot will be written and spoken in the coming days, but the one fact remains. A life was lost on the night of February 14 2013.

RIP Reeva Steenkamp.

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