Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Je Suis Charlie....we are all united

LAST week's horrific events in Paris were meant to cause division, anger and recriminations and perhaps even conflict.

Instead it provoked quiet outrage, with Parisians being joined by people from across the world to express their revultion at the vile acts committed in the name of the Prophet.

As well as the condemnation from all races, creeds and colours it's important to again these murderers are not 'Islamic terrorists' they are 'terrorists'.

I grew up with the news often dominated by vile atrocities committed by the IRA both in Ireland and on the mainland.

Were they 'Irish terrorists'? No, just terrorists. The brave 'Not in Our Name' protests showed the actions of the IRA and later the 'Real IRA' were not the actions of Ireland.

These vile butchers want to be portrayed as 'Islamic Terrorists' because it aids their cause to provoke a split and see Christian and Jew battle Islam in another 'Holy War'.

But the column inches and tweets by Muslims of all ages, status and gender since the attack show how outraged many are about attacks in the Prophet's name.

Single handedly these savages have outraged the West and much of the Islamic world, further denting their and ISIS hopes of provoking some sort of holy war.

For as long as we, the peace loving, tolerant and understanding members of society stand together, the forces of evil will never win.

These savages and those who continue to join them aren't fighting in anyone's name, least of all the Prophet. Would any god truly condone the beheading of a man who brought aid to Syrian refugees, many of them children, as was the case with Alan Henning? Of course not

When history reflects on the tragic events of January 7 and the subsequent days, I hope it will remember those who perished and the united front against terrorism.

These butchers will just be a foot note, just the way it should be.

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