Monday, 7 January 2013

Time to add some polish to the pledge

WHEN is a pledge not a pledge? When it's one made by a politician.
Certainly the coalition Government is doing its best to make the above ring true with a series of 'pledges' which just haven't worked.
The latest baffling policy comes into effect today as millions of families see their child benefit cut or axed.
Families where one parent works and earns £50k a year will see benefits reduced, while those who earn above £60k will see it cut altogether.
The Prime Minister tells us it's only fair that those who earn more help tackle the deficit. 
But therein lies the problem, if mummy and daddy both work and bring in less than £98k a year, they KEEP child benefit!
The Prime Minister to be seen as being fair that he is rushing out policy after policy without researching the implications. 
Far from hurting the poorest, this policy has the potential to leave many Conservative-leaning voters feeling mightily miffed.
Husbands who have always voted Conservative may not like the idea of their wives being penalised for choosing to stay at home or vice-versa.
But the potential fatal blow could be struck by women voters. Cameron has hardly appealed to women since he took office and penalising mums who stay at home won't endear him at the nursery and school gates.
More thought should have gone in to the plans, then again more thought should have gone into a lot of the policies and pledges since 2010.
Too much has been rushed out without consideration leaving the leadership looking shambolic. Better to preach a deficit tackling strategy to the public while ideas are dreamed up and fully researched behind closed doors.
Cameron may like to think UKIP will cost him in 2015 and ensure a Prime Minister Miliband. But his own policies, judgements and leadership will also play their part when voters cast their ballot.
And if those who may vote for his party desert him then the Prime Minister could find himself at the helm of a sinking ship.

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