Monday, 4 February 2013

A change is a good as a rest

Realised hadn’t blogged for a good while now and wanted this one to not be about politics, more of that as the week goes on!
So erm, hiya all I hope anyone who reads this is well and happy. Been a good couple of days for me, a day off always refreshed even though I was actually doing some work for work!
Enjoyed the live sport over the weekend and watching it made me realise how impressive a job Sky Sports do compared to the rest.
I hear too often that Sky and Murdoch have ruined sport etc. I disagree entirely and actually think Sky have helped certain sports grow.
Take Cricket, everyone remembers the shock when the BBC lost the rights to English test matches in 1998, how dare Channel 4 steal from Auntie!
And for a while, the new kids showed they were right to be trusted with the game as they brought a number of toys for us to play with.

But cricket takes a long time and soon Channel 4 wanted to grab their coats and go home and watch the Simpsons and Hollyoaks. They tried to fix it by starting test matches earlier but then the pesky
English summer turned on them and it rained.

This delayed the end to the days play and saw Channel 4 often say goodbye before the umpires declared time.

In the end, Channel 4 ran out of time, patience and money and said goodbye to leather on willow for more from Mercedes her friends on Hollyoaks.
Sky swooped and since then I cannot remember a ball being missed, if play continues because of rain then Gower et al will delay dinner to conclude the events.
Yes, subscriptions are high, yes we shouldn’t have to pay to watch test cricket but that’s all you did for years when cricket was the BBC’s domain.
Sky know the prices people pay, that’s why the broadcaster goes above and beyond at times to offer you something more. Take the last Ashes series, when was the last time England’s warm-up game was broadcast? It was this time.

And this series in New Zealand, well a little extra treat in the schedules, England’s two warm-up T20 games, live on the network.

Yes it costs, but without Sky Sports you do have to wonder where sport would be??

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