Sunday, 17 February 2013

In Wenger we will EVENTUALLY rust

I have thought long and hard about this blog, defeats to teams you should beat tend to leave you time to muse.
Yesterday's reverse to Blackburn means Arsenal Football Club have been knocked out of England's two cup competitions by Bradford City and Blackburn Rovers, by teams in League Two and the Championship.
I don't wish to take anything away from either, Bradford in particular have been wonderful, but our exits to both is disgraceful.
In years past, Arsenal have been knocked out of completions by Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, defeats that hurt as a football fan, but they are quality football teams.
This season however, Arsenal have been eliminated by teams who simply wanted it more. That is something I will struggle to understand. Watch the Bradford game again, the Bantams were at it from the first whistle to the last penalty. 
Arsenal? Well they played like a team who just expected to win, not good enough against the underdog. Remember Birmingham City? the Carling Cup final Arsenal were expected to win? What happened there and where are Birmingham now?
The simple truth is the will to win comes from the top and on that I am afraid Arsene Wenger has simply failed.
Players like Wilshere and Walcott are left on the bench to be introduced when needed. Why not start them the bring them off when you are 2-0 up?
But again last night, criticise Wenger and the Arsene Knows Best brigade attack you, accuse you of being a plastic fan or even worse a closet Spurs fan!
I am neither, have supported Arsenal since 1989 and have seen worse days than this. I proudly applauded when the 10 valiant men lost to Barcelona in the Champions League final in 2006.
I've shouted myself horse in every match since, I have celebrated giddily every time we have won a truly big game.
I backed the club when Robin Van Pursestring said it wasn't about the money and then left for the money. 
But this season has hurt, Bradford left me angry yet Blackburn, well I just shrugged.
I will take defeat (eventually) to any top team, that is football. But I cannot accept afternoons like Swansea at home where a team that nearly dropped out of the league altogether came to the Emirates and OUTPLAYED Arsenal.
On Tuesday, I will cheer on my team against Bayern Munich, i don't want us to be slaughtered like some Wenger critics do.
But yesterday is the beginning of the end for Arsene Wenger, we are not rusting yet but another 12 months and fourth-place won't be an aspiration, it will be nothing more than a pipe-dream.
I don't want him sacked, the man has done too much wonderful work for that. But go win the Champions League or get fourth and let's shake hands and walk away and remember the wonderful memories made possible by Wenger.

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