Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Miliband's Damned Unite-d

The Falkirk situation is a mess for Labour pure and simple, Tom Watson has taken the fall but in truth this could get serious for Ed Miliband and his team.
Miliband will have to explain how long he had the report and why it was not released and tackled sooner - if he doesn't then he there really is no point having a General Election in 2015.
And secondly, Miliband needs to have a fight, verbally with Unite and the Coalition. A good dust up with Len McCluskey won't hurt him, he needs to show there is while they swim in the same pond there is some clear water between them.
With the coalition he needs to be honest, no Labour is not ashamed by taking its money from nurses, teachers, public service worker - ordinary people...
Everyone knows when they sign up to a union where the money goes, to suggest otherwise is daft.
In his speech today, Ed can offer transparency, those that want to support Labour can, those that don't won't have to.
If he can score that hat trick he will get off the ropes I have no doubt, if he doesn't then it will be a knockout...
The Tories are cock a hoop and why not, this fell into their laps and Cameron gave Miliband a good kicking at PMQs as a result.
But they need to step back and do as little as possible now, drive the story and it will be easy for Labour to push back and say the Tories are anti trade unions.
A couple of well prepared soundbites from the PM about this now being a police matter and his confidence in any investigation should keep the pressure on.....
A note of caution for the Conservatives though, thrbshambles rather denied them coverage about the EU vote which was basically the point of even having it!
Miliband's speech today could be a game changer, because lets face it, while the Conservatives and Lib Dems talk about reforming party funding, they haven't done anything about it yet...

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