Friday, 5 July 2013

Venables release poses difficult questions

THE release of Jon Venables from prison has been badly mismanaged from the very start, there was no need for the Parole Board to confirm he was due to be let out for a start.

The news has whipped up tensions on a deeply tragic and dark moment for many on Merseyside, finding out James's killer will now be free is another stake in the heart of many.

Debating the right and wrong is too much for one blog, but if he is to be released then surely it could have been kept quiet for a couple of weeks?

Instead it seems the Parole Board have almost previewed the release of a much-reviled figure, heaping more misery on James's poor family.

I have no doubt that Venables could be a changed man, he could live his life perfectly respectfully but the life he faces is uncertain.

And that is where the potential for problems begins. After months of being ticked off for its behaviour, I would put good money there are now national newspaper editors and proprietors debating the merits of
finding Venables....

And what's worse many who have criticised papers like The Sun will now lustfully feed on any information the same paper prints about Venables.

The lust for revenge against him remains high even 20 years on, if word got out then someone somewhere wouldn't hesitate to take matters into their own hands.

The film 'Boy A' is a fantastic insight into the world Venables could be dropped back into, although I have to stress it was not based on the Bulger case.

'Boy A' is a 2007 British film adaptation of Jonathan Trigell's novel of the same title and poses many questions about what is right and wrong. I suggest the authorities, family, friends and so-called experts watch

What is going to happen is deeply uncertain, none of us know and I will not encourage nor discourage any action.

But when the headlines begin to fade, I think we all must continue to remember a little boy who was cruelly taken too soon.

May he continue to RIP and my sympathies to Denise Fergus and Ralph Bulger, who did what no parent should ever do, outlive their child.

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