Saturday, 11 January 2014

Fault on all sides in Plebgate row

So the officer who said he heard Andrew Mitchell MP call a police man a pleb now admits he didn't and made it all up.

The end? Nope, other officers are facing hearings and one indeed is actually suing Mr Mitchell for libel.

The whole episode is a mess and listening to Newsnight last night you would think the whole blame lied with the police.

Wrong, every side involved with this needs to take a long hard look at themselves and consider whether they could have handled the matter better.

The police will need to investigate what happened, why and look at ways to avoid these damaging set of stories every appearing again.

I don't know what sparked what happened, would not like to guess either given legal cases and investigations are ongoing but something occured that night in Downing Street of which we have no doubt.

Mr Mitchell should look at himself as well, no doubt he should fight his corner but let justice do the talking not press conferences with his friends and friendly MPs going on Newsnight to 'fight his corner' ie besmirch every police officer.

And the Prime Minister really ought to think before he next speaks on this matter. His condemnation of the police officer was fair enough but Mr Cameron must remember he removed Mr Mitchell from his role as chief whip.....

The time has come to try and draw a line under the whole sorry episode and for the Prime Minister to seize the moral high ground, seek a meeting with Metropolitan Police chief Bernard Hogan-Howe.

Show leadership and support for Mr Mitchell Prime Minister and show both parties can move past what has been a sorry affair.

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