Monday, 16 March 2015


JEREMY Clarkson has attracted more attention in the past week than the Islamic State, any of our politicians or the upcoming Budget.

Now what that says about our media remains to be seen but there has been a lot of talking about something where no one knows what ACTUALLY happened.

'Jezza punches producer' quickly turned into 'Jezza calls producer a effin this and that'.  

Two very different things, if he's punched Oisin Tymon then, as much of a fan of Top Gear and Clarkson as I am, I'm afraid it might have to be the end of the road for him.

If it's just a lot of shouting and swearing and loads of insults then surely things can be resolved. Almost every show on TV has probably seen heated rows at one point or another!

The problem in all this is the BBC itself. If we believe the media reports, Clarkson 'turned himself in' a week week! Ask yourself this if you'd been punched at work would you be happy if your boss waited a week before tackling it?

The BBC looked more concerned about cancelling Top Gear than actually looking into this and have now got themselves in an almighty mess.

The corporation thinks everything needs to be an inquiry, it doesn't. Take statements from everyone involved and who was there, build a timeline. 

Once the events of that night are clear, take the action needed. Simple

And on that bombshell it's time to end 

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