Thursday, 4 April 2013

Philpott reaction shows how low some have sunk

So Mick Philpott is found guilty of the manslaughter of six of his children and it was all to do with the benefits he was receiving, nothing else, nada, zip, none.

The filth being peddled by some on social media, in politics, on radio and television and in print on blogs such as these shows how vile, abhorrent and hideous some of us have become in ‘Austerity Britain’.

This is not an attack on politicians like Osborne, the only comment I would make to them is in situations like this silence is golden.

But make no bones about it, Mick Philpott didn’t commit manslaughter because of the welfare system in the UK.

He committed that as a final act of pure evil after a string of hideous crimes, some of which have been glossed over in the bid to continue to dismantle our welfare state.

The previous blog made the case for the welfare state to be mended to weed out the abusers like Philpott and not dismantled to penalise those in genuine need.

The truth is we as a society should be horrified at what happened in Victory Road, Derby – not for the welfare claims, but that a vile ogre got away with so much for so long.

Let’s look at the FACTS – this man was married to a woman, who bore his children but Mick had a mistress in the same house who did the same.

Not only that but Philpott boasted about the fact on numerous occasions – where is the condemnation for his treatment of women as let’s face it – meat.

While we are on that subject, Philpott once stabbed an ex 13 times because she left him, why aren’t people in power and influence speaking about this?

One final, sickening, disgraceful and just awful fact – Philpott even wrote a letter saying he and his wife would go to their children’s graves and ‘rape’ each other.

Why oh why won’t we stand up and realise this trial was of a sick, sex-crazed, woman-hating, vile scumbag who stopped at nothing to get what he wanted.

Not even the innocence of six young children, already unfortunate to have been born to such a vulgar man, was enough to stop Philpott.

Remember that if you think about applauding Osborne’s comments, if you buy the Daily Mail, if you read Conservative supporting blogs.

This is not about the welfare state, it’s about a man who used and abused women and stole the lives of children he helped create.

I hope in time our society will realise Philpott should not be held up as the ‘anti-welfare poster boy’.

He needs to be condemned like Huntley, like Shipman and like Hindley and Brady as what he is and they were – cold-blooded killers.

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