Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Osborne’s scattergun approach will cost the Tories dear.

George Osborne is right to tackle the welfare system in this country. The Chancellor ought to bE hailed as the first to right a system which has gone so wrong in past 20 years.

BUT he has already messed it up completely and in the process will probably have cost the Tories another decade out of the power.

Why? Because he has bracketed everyone who needs the help of the welfare state as scroungers, ne’er do wells and lazy, feckless residents of ‘Broken Britain’.

The Conservatives think when they utter the line ‘Doing the right thing’ everyone in Britain will nod and think ‘Bravo, it’s time the Government did something’.

But because this Government’s message and way of delivery is so pathetically bad, George Osborne and the Prime Minister come across as out of touch, arrogant, posh boys.

Is the young father, laid off from his job and now competing with 30/40 other people for work a scrounger because he claims jobseekers allowance to provide for his girlfriend/fiancée and their young baby? No, yet in the Conservative view he seemingly is.

What about the woman, left disabled after an accident at work or with crippling arthritis or two knee replacements who claims disability living allowance? Scrounger? Yes if you are Osborne or Cameron.

The welfare system, I believe, is something we can be proud of because I don’t know of another country which helps those people WHO TRULY NEED IT!

And that is where we have gone wrong, all Governments and we the people, we have let once fabulous system be abused by feckless mothers and fathers, lazy men and women and downright liars.

Young lads and girls now grow up in some areas of the UK and make babies as soon as nature allows ‘to get benefits’.

Teenagers sail through life, drop out of school and refuse to work because they know they are guaranteed a benefit as long as they say the right things.

And most criminally, adults use ‘medical’ conditions to avoid work and live off the state. Mental health issues and physiological concerns are all used to avoid work and live off benefits.

THOSE are the people you should target Mr Osborne, THOSE are the true scroungers in life, THOSE are the people who have ‘Broken Britain’.

Instead you pursue a poorly delivered, arrogant and downright vulgar line of attack which brackets the desperate for a job with the cannabis smoking teenage lad with four kids at the age of 18.

I have been tremendously lucky to never need the welfare state, I got an education, I worked in part time jobs before this one which has luckily kept me occupied for almost nine years.

I am not saying this because I am perfect, very far from it. I have just been lucky to have never needed any help from the state.

Not everyone is like me George, hard working people lose their jobs when the economy is as weak as ours is at the moment.

Please don’t add to the mess by branding them scroungers because those sort of people don’t want the state to help – it’s a last resort.

Today’s unemployed person on benefits but desperate for a job is tomorrow’s builder of a new economy.

Ironically, the sort of thought which could keep you out of the job centre come 2015 eh George?

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