Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A mauling at the Bridge

A CATASTOPHE occurred at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, don't worry Mr Marriner I won't bring up your mistake!

No, what I mean is Arsenal got battered at the bridge, stamped on at Stamford Bridge, crushed 6-0 by Chelsea.

And Arsene didn't go and talk to the journalists afterwards! So the usual flurry of crisis columns were written and Twitter even went into meltdown over a baseless rumour which came out of Wenger cancelling his Monday press conference.

Certain Sun journalists went for the jugular over this, ignoring the fact the most-lauded manager in Premier League history, Sir Alex Ferguson, simply did not turn up for post match newspaper press conferences unless forced to.

Other 'experts' hailed it as the end of Arsenal's title hopes, the very same 'experts' who said they could not win it anyway!

Let's not beat around the bush, it was a rubbish result, a rubbish performance and a horrific scoreline. When you consider Arsenal have let in 34 goals this season, it's hugely worrying to know 17 of those have come in just THREE games.

Arsene and the squad need to reflect as they are all at fault, too many times this season they have failed to turn up on the big occasion, it's not solely down to the manager.

Many in the squad are not being pushed hard enough and are not pushing themselves hard enough, why for example is Vermaelen still captain when he has struggled to make the first XI this season?

The two things that do frighten me as a die-hard Gooner though is once Arsenal ship two in a big game they seem to be unable to stem the bleeding.

Secondly, for the first time in 17 years, Arsene looked out of ideas, frustrated again on the highest stage. How can a team that started so well against Bayern and drew in Munich fold so hopelessly?

The FA Cup now is pivotal to Arsenal's season, fail to win it this season might not only mean they will never win a trophy again but could see Arsene Wenger call it a day.

The man has never and will never break a contract but the fact his new deal remains unsigned suggests the Frenchman is considering whether to bring the curtain down on his reign.

A two-year-deal is reportedly being offered and I expect that to be Arsene's last contract as manager of Arsenal Football Club.

He clearly wants to leave his successor some transfer cash, talented players and success on the pitch.

Catastrophes like Saturday might end up pushing him towards the departure lounge sooner than he would like.

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