Monday, 17 March 2014

United’s time at the top is over…for now

Oh look everyone, another ‘crisis’ at Old Trafford, the end of an era, etc,etc,etc

United’s 3-0 defeat to Liverpool provoked the same sensational headlines we have been seeing for a few weeks now, ignoring the baton passing which took place.

Liverpool turned up at Old Trafford and fancied giving United a good kicking, which they swiftly did right where it hurt.

They are the ones heading for the top four while United will be reduced to pressing their noses against the Champions League window next season.

And yes, it is the end of an era, but that actually took place in May when Sir Alex Ferguson took his leave.

Now United players play without fear of Fergie and many have relaxed, comfortable with the titles they have collected.

The result? David Moyes has been left confused how a bunch of title winners now look, at times, like they couldn’t beat an egg.

Moyes needs to stamp his impression on the team but when so many are relaxed and with a defence which creaks more than the wobbliest of floorboards, it’s an impossible task.

That is not to say Moyes hasn’t made mistakes, buying Fellani to act as the ‘Here’s how we did it at Goodison’ guy doesn’t work in a dressing room full of Premier League champions.

And his sour disposition in recent weeks will help no-one, Fergie could battle the media because he had the comfort of many bits of silverware. Moyes has no such luxury.

But the time to judge Moyes is 12 months from now, after a whole summer with the chequebook, then and only then will it be his team.

Pick up any paper and they link United with Star A, B and C. Truth be told United need two full backs, two commanding centre backs and a ball winner for the midfield.

Do that and United’s spell out of the limelight might be as short as their odds of finishing out of the top four.

The biggest lesson from Sunday’s mauling surely came from the men from Anfield, ironically.

Liverpool are now on a charge under the stewardship of Brendan Rodgers, the sixth different manager to attempt to win a league title since the glory days of Dalglish….

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