Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The countdown to Wrestlemania 30 is on

I THOUGHT I would blog about the WWE, stop reading now if you are going to say it's fake etc I know! It's a guilty pleasure of mine.

I haven't been a fan for a few months believing the WWE was losing focus and direction but my word are they bringing together the threads well.

Cena v Bray Wyatt is going to be my unexpected must see bout at Wrestlemania 30, I feared it would be dull, Cena gets beaten down and then comes back to win...

But the last few weeks has shown Cena is fantastic at bringing out the main event potential in Wyatt and really putting over the relatively young heel. Monday night on Raw was one of those iconic Raw moments we'll look back on for years.

Wyatt is a sensational heel, a hugely talented wrestler and with a huge push he could be a star for years to come.

Triple H v Daniel Bryan will be amazing, huge heel against massive good guy, will Bryan get his Wrestlemania moment? I would not be surprised if this becomes a brawl, Triple H will use all of his talent to make the crowd love Bryan more and more as the minutes go by. I wonder whether this would end up as a controversial finish and both will go forward to a four way match for the WWE title.

Those two against Randy Orton and Batista will be amazing, a huge brawl between he four best technical wrestlers in the company at this time. Who will win? I suspect it will be Bryan, the WWE have been ramping it up for months, like a bottle of fizzy pop you can only shake it for so long...

The Shield v Kane and the New Age Outlaws is going to be another epic, the technical brutality of the Shield is awesome, will Wrestlemania see the end of the Hounds of Justice though and a singles run for Roman Reigns?

Finally, Brock Lesnar v Undertaker, the Beast vs the Streak. This one has been a slow burner with many thinking it might be the turkey on the card. For me I think the build up is just right, WWE bookers have to take into account Undertaker's age and fitness so it's far better to under deliver in the build up and then over perform at Wrestlemania

Will the Beast claim the streak? Nope, expect some real hardcore wrestling but Taker to make it 22-0.

I'm paying for it again this year, a few weeks ago I wasn't going to! Let's see what happens

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