Thursday, 28 March 2013

Random musings

Regular readers (if any) may wish to click away now!

I usually have a topic for a blog but just need some written therapy tonight, it's been a long week yet again but a very interesting one at that.
I was deeply honoured to interview a victim of a horrid sex assault on Monday, she waived her right to anonymity to highlight what happened to her. While her story was shocking, her bravery was amazing - humbling to be in her presence.
The normal council buzz has followed, while tiring I have to say the hustle and bustle of political reporting has to be my favourite part of the job, especially with elections just around the corner.
What did upset me somewhat were 30 youngsters from Worcester Swimming Club turned up to hear the councillors debate the proposed new swiming pool for the city only to have to leave because the previous debate dragged on so long.
As I said on Twitter on Tuesday night, in an era where we struggle to get people into politics, things like that won't help. I will add again this is not a criticism of any city councillors at all, just a comment on the unfortunate turn of events.
We deadlined today and I feel wore out and in need of a break but tired from a packed week of events.
But still as I sat watching TV tonight, I realised I still feel very lucky to be doing a job I love and can't imagine doing anything else!
Overall, this Easter has me feeling a bit reflective but very thankful I own my own home, have a wonderful marriage to a very lovely wife and have two parents who care for me deeply.
I am a lucky boy and I am very thankful for that fact. I don't know what will happen in the future and that for me is very exciting.
Taking a break for a few days, getting away from a computer and my mobile phone!!!
Have a lovely Easter everyone!

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