Monday, 11 March 2013

Benitez braves the boo-boys

I don't get it, Benitez (a football manager) takes a job offered by a chairman/owner and then is universally hated for it. 
Chelsea fans won't even give him credit for turning round what could have been a catastrophic mauling at Old Trafford in the FA Cup this weekend.
Listening to TalkSport on my drive home I was still staggered to hear the real anger towards Benitez.
What I can't understand is why the fans are not turning on Abramovich, Gourlay and Buck, the triumvirate who dismissed Roberto Di Matteo in December - seven months after he won the Champions League.
We've all been told Abramovich craved Champions League glory above all else, so it was bizarre that the manager who delivered it was given the bullet.
But Benitez didn't ask for Di Matteo to be sacked, there was no Machiavellian plot to oust the likeable Italian just a football manager saying yes when offered a vacant post.
But results haven't been brilliant and Benitez gets total blame, understandable but if the fans are pining for Di Matteo then why not have a pop at the board.
Is it because they deep down know they have sold their soul, that if Abramovich gets bored one day and walks off he leaves a trail of destruction behind?
The Russian has brought oodles of success and trophies to Chelsea but in the past few years his judgement has been awful. AVB was brought in to revamp the squad and fired when the players complained, wonder what happened to him???
Di Matteo came in, scored huge success for a caretaker and got the gig full time. But when the defence of the trophy went to the pictures and he dared to drop the misfiring Torres, he was sent down the Kings Road.
Guardiola was the target but he could see how crazy the situation was and chosen then Bayern buck instead.
And after Benitez's terminated his own employment by the summer with his rant after the Middlesborough game, Abramovich now has a choice.
Does he carry on with the hiring/firing game he seems to have enjoyed or pick a manager, back him with billions and see the trophies roll in?
If its the first then good luck to the next guy, if it's the second then may I politely suggest a quick phone call to J.Mourinho, I think you can find him in Madrid till May....

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