Thursday, 14 March 2013

Is Cameron preparing a snap election?

Bear with me, I know it sounds daft but in the past hour I have seen a few things which make me think our Prime Minister is preparing the biggest gamble of his premiership.

The Daily Mail's front page tomorrow re the vote in Parliament on press reform on Monday. Usual Daily Fail fare apart the words “Hung Parliament”, a phrase uttered by Mr Cameron during his press conference after talks on Leveson broke down.

Now political experts will no doubt correct me but I cannot remember the PM using those words since the 2010 General Election campaign as a warning against what the voters ultimately delivered.

A warning to the Liberal Democrats to behave in Parliament and back their coalition partners or the first salvo in a remarkable election campaign?

Cameron insists no further talks will take place before the Commons vote, the Liberal Democrats and Labour both want to talk. Surely a coalition PM knows its good to talk?

Yes I know we have fixed term parliaments now but look closer, two thirds or around 430 of the 650 MPs have to approve a vote of no confidence in the Government.

Labour's 255 would vote, maybe 57 Liberal Democrats would and with Plaid, Northern Irish, Scottish, Independents and a certain Mr Galloway, only around 75-80 Tories may be needed to trigger an election.

Cameron could trigger the no confidence motion, lose the vote on press reform due to Clegg siding with Ed Miliband, blame those two and call a vote knowing a lot of newspaper editors would still be behind him.

It would be the ultimate gamble as defeat would see the party inevitably part company with him but could deliver a Conservative Government, not coalition.

And what better way to quell the backbenchers than to remove the Liberal Democrat problem?

It would also take all the focus off the looming budget on Wednesday (March 20) as many of the Chancellor's policies would be virtually worthless.

Heck, planned right it could be a giveaway budget to sweeten the electorate? Never bad to bribe the voters!
There's also been a huge number of tweets from party chairman Grant Shapps/Michael Green congratulating newly selected PPC's for the party in recent weeks....

I could be barking mad, I realise that but the ultimate PR merchant has to know next week's headlines won't be very good....

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  1. I agree. There's something not right with what's going on and how it's falling out that makes me think he'll have something up his sleeve.