Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tory coup d’etat will cost them dear

The vultures are circling, the Prime Minister has allegedly been ‘put on notice’ and the familiar ‘coup, what coup’ articles are appearing.
Yes folks the Conservative Party is thinking about knifing its leader again after the party’s third place in Eastleigh.
This attempt against the PM is already in the public domain thanks to Adam Afriyie’s somewhat clumsy effort last month.
While that particular part of the playbook might not be replayed, have no fear that plots are being plotted and backs are about to be stabbed.
It’s said that another ‘omnishambles’ budget will spell the end of Osborne, Cameron’s right-hand man and an influential member of the Tory top table.
Tory backbenchers want to put ‘money in people’s pockets’ in a desperate bid to revive an economy is in such a slumber it has missed all of its alarm calls.
But Osborne won’t move from Plan A nor apparently consider Plan A* which means they are unlikely to get their wish.
If the Chancellor ever needed to produce the biggest economic rabbit from his magic hat then March 20 would be the day because in truth the only thing to save both men would be an economic recovery.
No growth between now and 2015 could see the vultures claim their pray, if they don’t then the electorate will probably do the job and cost Cameron in the process.
Tories are hurting, cheesed off with a Conservative PM who keeps listening to his Lib Dem deputy and doesn’t promote the traditional party lines.
Backbenchers also see that without changing course, the economy and Government will soon have new drivers in through the backdoor - Ed Miliband and Ed Balls.
It’s precisely that reason why the Tories should re-sheath their knives and go hell for leather against Labour until 2015. Major was doomed in 1997, Blair spoke a language the UK wanted to hear – at the moment, Ed Miliband is still whispering.
That is the Tories biggest weapon, uncertainty. Yes the economy is bad, yes you might blame the Tories but are you sure you can put the country back in the hands of Ed M and Ed B?
It’s a huge risk, especially if Miliband took the gamble of his life and brought back Alistair Darling as shadow chancellor, but it could just be enough.
A party bloodshed now between the Cameroons (vulgar term) and the traditional elements of the party serves no purpose.
If Cameron was felled we would be back in 2007 with a Prime Minister unelected by the nation, he/she could ride the criticism until 2015 in the hope of winning – worked well for Brown didn’t it?
If Cameron survived, the bitter blood could result in even more Commons rebellions meaning the country simply ground to a halt.
Tories would be advised to hold firm, because if the green shoots of recovery begin to sprout in late 2014, the shape of the next General Election would change radically.

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