Thursday, 21 March 2013

Was the Budget the last act of the #downgradedchancellor?

Lots has already written and said about the budget and in truth the gifts were all George Osborne could afford under his economic strategy.

But why then did it feel like one of the last budgets from the #downgradedchancellor and from this coalition Government?

Ed Miliband's response had no detail, no ideas and amounted to nothing more than sheer mockery of Her Majesty's Government.

But it was just the right response, the Tory line that Labour is offering no ideas is a trap to elicit something from Labour which they could then implement.

So rather than share his ideas, Ed reached for the classic political tactic of simply going after the Government and blunted almost every attack they can and have made against the opposition.

It was a mode of attack successfully deployed at certain occasions by one Tony Blair to highlight a shambolic and dying Conservative Government under John was the line 'Britain deserves Better.'

It was nothing more than bullying but my god did it work, in just over three minutes he ridiculed the Government, its policies and every attack line thrown at him in the past three years.

“He's the wrong man, in the wrong place, at the worst possible time for the county,” Miliband's most personal attack ever could quite easily turn into Osborne's political epitaph.

But my most favourite line was reserved for the Prime Minister: “The Prime Minister says from a sedentary position, borrow more, you are borrowing more!”.

Not only highlighted the Tories attack on Labour's plan to borrow more was deeply flawed (because they are borrowing as well) but highlighted that once again Cameron was sitting down on the job.

A revival of 'chillaxing' debacle anyone?

Truth be told yet again Conservative planning was not the best, putting Osborne on Twitter on the day of the budget was a stratospheric own-goal. And it gave rise to the #downgradedchancellor line for Ed Miliband.

Even then the Tories made it worse, their response after the budget was to print leaflets with a message, meanwhile #downgradedchancellor was trending both in the UK and worldwide.

There is not a lot in the budget to cheer, the 1p off beer duty looks good but is such a old trick a new dog would turn it's nose up.

The £130billion set aside in loans to get people on the housing ladder is an accident waiting to happen.

Perhaps it could have been ploughed into the biggest house building project the UK had ever seen?

Where Osborne deserves huge credit is making the income tax threshold of £10,000 work, yes its Lib Dem policy and we should applaud them but it's a chancellor's job to budget for it.

Sadly for him it may get lost among any u-turns and squabbling but why should that surprise us, this coalition has had some good ideas, but its way of getting them across is woeful.

And that could cost Osborne in the end, a recent ComRes poll shows his ideas are beginning to be less popular than Ed Balls's thoughts.

If the public start to believe in Labour's medicine for the sick UK patient then the Tories really are #ontheirwayout

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